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Good Experience!

I use them for WOF and vehicle servicing. They fit in with our timing requirements and they will even service our forklift! Kaiapoi Automotive is handy and that's been a good reason to stay with them!

— Rodney from Top Eng

Really good, co-operative and helpful!

Never had a problem with my dealings or my vehicles. When I first starting seeing Kaiapoi Automotive I lived locally. I now travel from the city to them, as their service is that good and trustworthy!

— Ross Smith

She is always on the ball!

They know how dependent our business is on vehicles, nothing is a bother and they are very accommodating. We have used the business from when it started and know them well now. They are a good local business.

— Iris from Steer Spuds

Good, reliable and offer a great service!

I use Kaiapoi Automotive for servicing, vehicle repairs and WOF, and find they are very efficient and on time. They're a good local business, have a good reputation, good mechanics and good service.

— Andrew Temple

Always been excellent to deal with!

They always answer the phone and if I need something urgent, they are accommodating. They are honest enough to say if they are busy but that they will do their best! I have used Kaiapoi Automotive for years!

— Darryl from Wai Eyre

They help you straight away!

Kaiapoi Automotive go out of their way to help and assist. Whether it's picking you up or dropping you off, nothing is a bother.
I use them because they're local and they're good and helpful.

— Alison Aldridge

Honest and caring!

Kaiapoi Automotives office team is good to deal with. The Mechanics are informative, I've used these guys for 15+ years and find them honest, caring and current. And the price is good too.

— Neil Baker

Have used them for many years!

My partner has one leg so Kaiapoi Automotives availability and reliability is very important to us. They get the job done and the price is good and they are friendly and kind.

— Elizabeth Bennetts

Awesome to deal with!

Kaiapoi Automotive is awesome to deal with and meet their obligations. I use them for WOF and car servicing. We originally chose them for their location. They're so friendly and efficient we keep coming back.

— Phil from Autozone

Fast and Friendly to deal with!

We use Kaiapoi Automotive for our WOF and servicing because they're honest and reliable and we hear that about them from our client base too. We like how they work with the vehicles and their customers.

— Ben from Kaiapoi Tyre Centre

They are accommodating and make it easy!

A recent example of why I use them is this. I was due to go on Holiday and my clutch gave out. They went above and beyond to ensure we could go on our holiday two days later! They are accommodating and make it really easy!

— Geoff White

Really good and helpful!

I’m a courier so can’t be without my vehicle for long. After moving to the area, I needed a new mechanic and I've been using Kaiapoi Automotive for WOF servicing and repairs for years now. They are obliging, always trying to help.

— Sean Hurley

Good friendly service!

Awesome to deal with nothing is ever a problem. Kaiapoi Automotive fit you in, they're honest and at a good price. I was local, however I’m not now, and I still keep going back for their service!

— Mike from Addstyle Driveways

Personal efficient service!

Kaiapoi Automotive undertake WOF, servicing and repairs on all our vehicles. We have a long-standing relationship—we keep going back for the personal service and good value for money.

— Michael from Blackwell Dept. Store

They make life easy!

We are dependant on our vehicles business-wise and they are accommodating to ensure we are on the road! They are handy to home and love the ease of service within the community

— Ron Dawson

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