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WOF while you wait! 

We make it easy: you don’t need to book for a Warrant of Fitness. One of our Certified WOF Inspectors can do the WOF while you wait.​

Cars, 4WDs, Light Commercial Motor Vehicles up to 3,500kg
Class MA, MB, MC, NA, NB

Class LC LD

Trailers up to 3,500kg
Class TA and TB ​

Our Open hours

Monday – Friday: 8.00am – 5.00pm
Saturdays: 8.00am – 12.00pm

183 Ohoka Road, Kaiapoi, 7630 

we have Two WOF Lanes

Kaiapoi Automotive Services is the only WOF inspection facility in Kaiapoi with two WOF lanes. Adding to our ability to provide fast turnaround, is that one of our three Certified WOF Inspectors is solely dedicated to doing Warrant of Fitness Inspections.

If Minor Repairs are Needed

If the WOF Inspection identifies that repairs are needed to get a Warrant, with your permission, minor repairs may be able to be done on the same day, while you wait (dependent on mechanic availability). If you need other services to get the WOF, e.g. new tyre/s, we can arrange that for you too.

Kaiapoi wof prices

Didn't talk down to me—everything was clearly explained.


Cars, Light Commercial, 4WDs and Motorbikes

Trailers and Caravans




What WOF Inspections DON’T check​

It’s important to note that WOF Inspections do not include: engine oil level and condition, coolant levels and condition, tyre pressures, all filters, battery condition, brake fluid condition, transmission levels and condition, visual inspection for fluid leaks, window washer fluid level.

To ensure their vehicle is well-maintained (and to minimise time without the vehicle) some of our customers book the Service and WOF at the same time. We can provide free local pickup and drop off in Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Woodend, Belfast and Northwood.​

Warrant of fitness

While you wait!

How long will your new WOF be valid for?

New vehicle that’s never been registered

WoF is issued for three years​

Less than two years ago​

WoF is issued to the vehicles third ‘birthday’ (third anniversary of when it was first registered)​

More than two years ago, but less than three years ago​

WoF is issued for 12 months

On or after 1 January 2000

WoF is issued for 12 months

Before 1 January 2000

WoF is issued for 6 months

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